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Like every other appliance in your home, your heat pump or furnace is a complex system with many moving parts that take a lot of wear and tear. If your heating unit suddenly stops working, there’s no need to worry—Mennis Heating and Cooling, LLC is at your service. Our heating repair experts can quickly and accurately diagnose even the most complex issues. We will examine your unit thoroughly to identify the cause of the problem, and make any necessary repairs in a timely manner. We even offer hot water heater repair services for all makes and models. Find out why we’re the Fayetteville, GA area’s most trusted heating and air repair company—give us a call to schedule your service today!  

We Can Fix It All

There are several different factors that can cause a heat pump or furnace to malfunction. These include… 


  • Dirty burners 
  • Cracked heat exchangers 
  • Frayed blower belts
  • Worn-out ball bearings 
  • Faulty thermostats 

These issues can also affect the consistency and quality of your unit’s airflow, drive up your energy bills, and become safety hazards if left unchecked. Don’t wait—contact Mennis Heating and Cooling, LLC at the first sign of a faulty system.  

Our Heating Repair Technicians Go Above and Beyond

Put your home’s heating system in expert hands—trust Mennis Heating and Cooling, LLC to handle your repair. Using top-quality tools and parts, we will not only fix the problem at hand, but also ensure that your unit is operating as efficiently as possible. Get in touch today to learn more about our comprehensive heating repair service! We are happy to help both residential and commercial clients in Fayetteville, GA and the surrounding areas, including… 


  • Peachtree City, GA 
  • Griffin, GA 
  • Newnan, GA 
  • Hampton, GA 
  • Lovejoy, GA 
  • Jonesboro, GA 
  • Brooks, GA 
  • Tyrone, GA 
  • Palmetto, GA 
  • Fairburn, GA
  • College Park, GA 
  • McDonough, GA 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ali Banks
Ali Banks
January 4, 2024
I can't say enough about Mike Mennis. The day before I called him I had a different company come out to my house to try to fix my HVAC system (heat wasn't working). Not only did they not fix it, they told me it would cost $1000 to replace some piece that would only temporarily solve the problem, or $10,000 to replace the system, then proceeded to charge me $80 just for coming out to diagnose the problem. My parents referred me to Mike and he came out the following day. He had the heat up and running in under 20 minutes, went out a bought me a new filter, came BACK and replaced it, and only charged $100. Not to mention, when I asked him what the problem was, he said it was simply a switch stuck in the wrong position that just needed to be adjusted. When I asked him, just out of curiosity, how much it would cost to replace the whole system, he quoted me around $6000. Mike is honest, affordable, and incredibly knowledgable about his industry. I can't thank you enough!
April 21, 2023
Mike and his team arrived this morning on time with equipment and materials ready to start the job. Mike is an honest man looking to do an honest day's work at a reasonable price. Mike came a few weeks ago to discuss options with me as related to my AC unit and I wasn't receiving enough cool air in one of my rooms. He quickly came up with a solution and provided an estimate. The job was scheduled 2 weeks later and Mike arrived ready to go. I had purchased a new thermostat and after discussing it with Mike I added it to the work that he was already doing. He finished up with an AC service to the units. Mike was honest, dependable, flexible and just a nice person to deal with. I highly recommend Mike for your needs and professional services!
Jason McCann
Jason McCann
March 30, 2023
Mike and his son are honest, straightforward, hard working, very affordable and the best option in the area for HVAC. Replaced one of our AC units and rebuilt some of the ducting in the attic to be more efficient. They also moved the thermostat to a more efficient spot. I’ll use him again for anything regarding HVAC.
Yousef Maqousi
Yousef Maqousi
November 23, 2022
Mike was punctual, informative and honest. We just bought our house and had two other companies out. One couldn’t figure out the issue and walked away, the other said we needed a complete system replacement. Mike put in the time and effort to fully diagnose my system and got it back up and running, with what he made seem like a simple fix. Highly recommend Mike, hard to find good honest people nowadays.
L Nation
L Nation
January 9, 2020
I was looking for a local HVAC company to diagnose and fix (not repair) a furnace that was not igniting. I contacted Mr. Mennis and he was able to provide same day service. He was able to diagnose and fix my furnace in less than an hour. He is professional, prompt, and affordable. I highly recommend his company for any HVAC issues that happen!!
Danyelle Smith
Danyelle Smith
December 4, 2019
Mike was a total professional when visiting our home. He did not lie to us about what was wrong with our hvac system which is the least I can say about the last 2 companies that visitedmy home. He repaired our HVAC less then an hour and he was reasonably priced. I was also so happy that he came out on a Sunday. Most companies only work Monday thru Friday and you usually can't get an appointment until the next week but I called him on Saturday and he came the next day. I am so glad I called this company.
Amber Walker
Amber Walker
August 10, 2019
Mike was amazing! He came during the night and resolved my air conditioning problem within an hour and had fair transparent pricing. He was very professional and provided detailed explanations of the issues and resolutions. I am very grateful for his service as many other companies were booked and could not come during my air conditioning emergency. I will definitely contact Mike again, if needed.
Kim Bradshaw
Kim Bradshaw
July 2, 2019
Mike came over promptly. Wore protective booties. Quickly fixed my cooling issue and even did a comprehensive inspection of the entire system. Outstanding service!!! Will definitely call him again!
Natasha Jones
Natasha Jones
June 12, 2019
Sent Mike a message and he was able to come out the same day within hour or so. He was very professional and explained everything that he was doing along the way, which was very reassuring to me because it helped me understand what was going on and put my worry at ease. He not only corrected the issue that I called about, but he also caught other secondary issues and now my system is cooling much better than it was before. Thank you, Mike!!!
April 8, 2019
To start off I am all for promoting and using small businesses. So far I have not been let down and after having Michael service my broken HVAC system, the record is still great. He answered the phone without having to leave a voicemail, came to my house that afternoon, and fixed my AC for an awesome price( I am a tradesman myself so I know the price range). No complaints from me and will definitely be reccomending and using him in the future!
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